Top 8 reasons to trail run:




You'll burn 15 to 20% more calories per mile than you would road running. That's because trail running requires a deeper engagement of your core balance as you maneuver over rocks, roots, hills and uneven terrain.



Trails can make you faster on the roads. Running a trail can constantly challenge you with uphills, while rewarding you with plenty of downhills. And as they say, "hill workouts are speed workouts in disguise." You'll get stronger and more confident on hills, so when other runners in the local 5K break down when the course turns upward, you can power right past everyone.


The sense of freedom is wonderful. Enjoy a peaceful, much-needed break from civilization and fast-paced life. No metal or concrete here, no deadlines or to-do lists. Just fresh forest air and the gentle sounds of nature as you run. Leave your stressors behind and relax in green, elemental space.



Trail dirt is softer on your knees than pounding on asphalt roads. (Quick personal story: Before I switched to trail running, my "runner's knee" was a constant source of pain. Since the switch, I've been 100% pain-free.)



The views are inspiring. Running an hour on a trail can transport you to incredible places you wouldn't reach otherwise. And while your road runner friends are taking a tour of the neighborhood mailboxes and sewer drains, you'll be crossing beautiful forest pathways and mountain ridges.



You can cool down in a stream halfway through your run. On a hot summer day, nothing beats standing in a foot of cold running water.



Seeing wildlife is awesome. On a Fairfield County trail run, you might view deer, turkeys, owls, now and then a fox. Seeing a deer out in the woods just feels great, because that's the way they're supposed to be seen – I always feel a bit sad seeing them displaced into our suburban neighborhoods.



You have 0% chance of being hit by a car. It won't happen. I promise.

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