5 Reasons to Join a Trail Running Club

Maybe you've been out there running the trails by yourself, a fitness hermit, a lone wolf, Robinson Crusoe with a Camel Bak and a packet of GU. But there are times when those single-track trails get lonely, and perhaps you're thinking that a little company might be nice now and then. In which case, Trailhead Training (or any other trail running club) can give you the perfect pack to run with. And here are 5 more good reasons to join that you maybe haven't considered yet:

1. COMMUNITY Unlike your road running friends, your new trail friends will understand that an 18:00 mile doesn't mean we are slow. It means we are RUNNING UP A DAMN MOUNTAIN, SO DON'T JUDGE US.

2. PROTECTION On a morning run with the Club, the Group Run Leader will fearlessly run ahead of you, clearing the early-morning spider webs from the trail. With his face.

3. SAFETY All kidding aside, you'll be safer in a group than by running remote areas alone. In the event of injuries, map mishaps (aka "getting lost") and possibly even Bigfoot encounters, you'll be glad you had additional support to solve problems and/or confirm your Sasquatch sighting to the authorities.

4. SWAG You get to wear a cool T-shirt bragging about your club affiliation. (In theory, this could lead to West Side Story-esque musical rumbles against other trail clubs, although disappointingly that has never happened.) Trailhead Training doesn't have shirts yet, but once we have enough members, we'll place an order, and as a charter member you'll be able to vote on our official color.

5. RACE DAYS Trail races are even more fun with a club! Carpools, pre-race socializing and strategizing, post-race ice cream. Great people to share laughs and stories with, instead of being that guy who shows up alone, runs alone, gets his free bagel at the finish line alone, and goes home alone. (I might just be describing myself there.) But seriously, being part of a community on race day is special. As members of Trailhead Training, we can make an awesome showing at trail races around New England.

So... are you convinced now? Fantastic! Fairfield County's only trail running club, Trailhead Training, would love to welcome you as a new member. Join for free today, and see you on the trails!

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