welcome to the
trailhead tribe

Become a member of TrailHead Training, and share your path to fitness with other like-minded, motivated people who appreciate exercise and the great outdoors. We're building our "tribe", and we'd love for you to be a part.


"Trial Run"... only $15

For a limited time only, try out TrailHead Training at a super low cost of $15. Join us for a "trial run" on a Coach-Led weekend training run. (One time only!) Then decide if you want to keep going as a Full Member.


Full Membership... $49/month

For the greatest edge in your training, become a TrailHead Training member at just $49/month. That's more affordable than gyms, spin and yoga classes and other expensive Fairfield County options. Here's everything you'll enjoy as a TrailHead Training member:


Unlimited access to Coach-Led training runs. Guided runs are
held every Saturday and Sunday – attend as many as you'd like.


Personalized training plan from a certified Coach. Receive a customized plan to fit your needs and make the most of your time
on the trails (and the roads, too!)


"Ask Advice" sessions. Got a question about your training? I can

answer by email, or we can set up a quick Q&A phone session.



Only $15 to Begin!

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