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2019 Run Schedule TBD

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Trout Brook Valley Preserve
Trailhead @ Bradley Hill Road, Weston, CT


Q. How do group runs work?

A.  Organized group runs take place on Saturday mornings. To avoid overuse of the trails, we will limit the group size to 6 to 8 runners. Runners who are new to trail running or unfamiliar with the Trout Brook Valley trails are strongly encouraged to remain with the Group Run Leader to avoid wrong turns. Of course, you can coordinate on your own with other Trailhead Training members to run any time that works for you.

Q. Does it cost money?

A. Joining Trailhead Training is FREE in 2018. In the future, we might need to implement dues to cover events and administration costs, but right now, membership is as free as the fresh air in the forest. Don't miss out!

Q. How fast will we go?

A. When a single Group Run Leader is available, the group will run at a pace comfortable to every runner in the group, which may include a few rest breaks. Faster runners are encouraged to stay with the group until they become very familiar with the Trout Brook Valley trails, after which they may decide to run at their own pace.  

Q. Is trail running safe?

A. Let's put it this way. The trails we'll be running together are generally not too technical, which means you'll be on the safer end of the trail running spectrum. HOWEVER... please understand that trail running on ANY trail has a number of inherent hazards that you may or may not experience. These include: tripping, falling, cuts, scrapes, bruises, sprains, mosquito bites, bee stings, ticks, sunburn, prickers, poison ivy, getting temporarily lost, rocks in your shoe, and other things you probably don't want to happen. Your Group Run Leader will do his/her best to minimize all of the above, but keep in mind that the more you trail run, the higher the likelihood that one or more of these things will eventually happen to you. By running with the group, you agree that Trailhead Training has NO LIABILITY for any of these common trail mishaps. 

Q. I've never run on trails before. Will I trip and fall?

A. Honestly? Hopefully not... but there's a pretty realistic chance. Your Group Run Leader will go over trail running basics and help you get a feel for the mechanics so you'll feel more comfortable running with a higher step and not catching your toes on roots and rocks. But every trail runner "wipes out" now and then. If it happens, don't be embarrassed. It's a badge of honor. You might even see your Group Run Leader do a majestic faceplant into the dirt. (And yes, we will also cover proper falling technique.)

Q. Do I need special trail running shoes?

A. Eventually you'll probably want shoes designed with treads and stitching especially for trails. But if you're just beginning to trail run and you're not quite sure it's for you, your road shoes will be fine for a few weeks until you decide you want to incur the expense. We'll be running on mostly dirt trails that don't require insane traction.

Q. Why is trail running better than the road/my treadmill/my gym?

A. Lots of reasons! In fact, eight reasons

Q. What is the advantage of joining Trailhead Training?

A. True, you could remain a lone wolf out there on your own. But the trail running community is pretty amazing. Connect with people who share your love for outdoor fitness and understand your spirit of adventure. There are lots of awesome trail races around New England that we can enter as a club and travel to cheer each other on. Let's make Fairfield County a hub of trail running for lower Connecticut!

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