Trailhead Training


TrailHead Training invites you to experience a new terrain of fitness – strength for your body, mind and spirit – through the guided practice of trail running.


Escape the claustrophobic gyms… the stress of daily life… the drudgery of road running… and reach your peak physical performance in a natural space that allows you to truly breathe and exist in the moment.


Group weekend runs on the beautiful hidden trails of Connecticut with certified RRCA Coach Vincent Zito


All abilities welcome, from novice to experienced trail runners wishing to train in a Coach-facilitated, supportive environment


Receive your own customized fitness plan, targeted to your goals – fitness, recreation, stress relief, competition or just running for fun.


Burn 15 to 20% more calories than road running, strengthen core muscles that road running doesn’t utilize. A fitness plan like no other!


Escape stress as you enjoy meditative running. Enjoy the green beauty around you, the rejuvenating forest oxygen, the chirrup of birds, the crackle of twigs, the faint rush of a nearby stream


Running an upcoming road race? Discover how trail running can take your performance to a whole new level





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Vincent Zito is an accredited running coach with the Road Runners Club of America, an experienced trail runner, and a member of the American Trail Running Assocation. Formerly a competitive rower, Vincent switched to running in his early 30's and found his passion for the trails, competing in every race distance from 5K to 50 Miles. Now he hopes to help other runners discover the amazing trail systems of Connecticut.

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